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Happy Kids Win growth mindset for kids and activity for kids, kids positive affirmation, and self-worth growth kids

Boost Your Child's Confidence with Every Page!

A children's positive affirmation book designed to

Increase Your Child's Self Worth
Build a Lasting Relationship
Develop a Growth Mindset

Does Your Child Struggle with Self-Confidence?

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Positive affirmations counter this by boosting their self-worth and encouraging a positive outlook, helping children face challenges with confidence.

Positive Affirmations Can

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Cultivate a growth and positive mindset

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Improve resilience against challenges.

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Enhance self-esteem and self-worth.

At Happy Kids Win, we get it.


Parenting isn’t always easy, and watching your child face the world can be tough. That's why we’ve poured our expertise into creating a book that's more than words—it’s a daily dose of courage for your little one.

Begin Building Your Child's Confidence Today

Grab Your Copy of Happy Kids Win, Positive Affirmations for Kids!

Make affirmations a fun part of your daily routine!

Celebrate as Your Child's Confidence Grows!





'Happy Kids Win' positive affirmations have been amazing for both of my kids! They are showing up with more confidence and the repetition and daily questions have opened up great conversations!


Seeing my son struggle with his confidence broke my heart. 'Happy Kids Win' introduced us to the world of positive affirmations. Now, he stands tall and is more open to trying new things. These positive affirmations have transformed him into a little dynamo!

- Brian

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We know you want to see your child thrive in every aspect of life. Our book 'Happy Kids Win' is designed not just as a reading exercise but a daily confidence-building tool that counters every child's doubts and fears. With every page, watch your child transform from hesitant and unsure to bold and inspired.

What are Positive Affirmations for Kids?

Affirmations are positive statements that help children focus on their strengths, talents, and abilities. 

Happy Kids Win Boost Kids Self Esteem Happy Kids Win growth mindset for kids and activity for kids, kids positive affirmation, and self-worth growth kids

By repeating affirmations, like a happy habit, children can train their brains to think positively and develop a growth mindset. This mindset encourages our children to embrace challenges, learn from their mistakes, and persist in the face of obstacles.

"I am Loved. I am Strong.

I am Brave."

- Happy Kids Win

How do you build your child's confidence? 

At Happy Kids Win, we understand the importance of building your child's confidence. Here is our simple three-step plan to help you get started. With these steps, you can help your child grow their confidence and reach their full potential!


Read a affirmation together


Repeat the affirmation and answer the daily question


Celebrate Your Child's Success As Their Confidence Soars

About Happy Kids Win

My three-year-old son was having trouble at school with bullies and at home with not listening. Each day was a fight to get him to try new foods, put his head underwater at swim school, or even slide down the slide at a new playground. It wasn't that he couldn't do these simple things; it was that he slumped his shoulders, put his head down, and asked Mommy and Daddy for help if there was anything outside the norm.  I could feel the energy zap out of him regarding anything new. My son didn't have the self-confidence to try new things, stand up for himself, or even meet new friends.  It killed me because I remember being the exact same way when I was little. I didn't want him to experience that same pain.


I tried talking it out,  helping him do the task, and I'm ashamed to say scolding. None of those led to any type of success.  I knew there had to be a solution. 


That's when I started implementing what I was learning personally about the words I tell myself. I began repeating those positive words of affirmation with him. First, I would say it and then he would repeat it back. Every day we practiced,


"I am loved. I am strong. I am brave." 


Just a few simple sentences said in a silly voice started to take root in their hearts.  All of a sudden, There were fewer temper tantrums and my son started talking about new friends, going down a new slide, and even putting his head in the water!  By repeating and saying those positive words to himself it created a new self-confidence. Now, when I say "Tell me your affirmations" it's almost a game to see how loud he can yell it.  It's also had a huge impact on my daughter as well as she loves to repeat them with us.   Positive affirmations have been a game changer in our house, and I know they can bring confidence, love, and support to your family as well. 

Happy Kids Win Boost Kids Self Confidence Happy Kids Win growth mindset for kids and activity for kids, kids positive affirmation, and self-worth growth kids

Happy Kids Win

Happy Kids Win
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Happy Kids Win

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Happy Kids Win Boost Kids Self Confidence

Right now, you can start growing your kid's confidence with:

📚 Free Printable Affirmations: Instantly access a collection of simple, easy-to-memorize positive affirmations your child can start learning today 

🎨 Engaging Coloring Pages: Spark your child's creativity with coloring pages designed to reinforce key affirmations and inspire confidence.

Insightful Questions: Start building a stronger relationship with your child through simple questions to ignite meaningful conversations with your child.

Woo Hoo! Click Here to Download!

Let's Start Building Your Kid's Confidence Today!



The Book for Building Our Kids
Self-Confidence One Affirmation at a Time

For Ages 2+

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